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Welcome to the JazzOut webpage!

We teach swing dancing with the main focus on Lindy Hop. In our classes we aim to develop your dancing in all thinkable ways and have fun while doing that.

What we do?!

- Teach weekly classes Lindy Hop
- Provide workshops Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz (both private or commercial)
- Provide entertainment for festivals, party's and events (both private or commercial) 
- Organise and teach workshops for Swing related dances
- Private lessons Lindy Hop/ Solo Jazz
- Try-outclasses in Nijmegen and Den Bosch

What's new?!



This is next!


Dance to the Movies @ Het filmhuis 042 - Helzapoppin

Mad Easter Dance @ De Villa

We have a lot of presents for you in stock for this afternoon, including the amazing band Jitters' Jungle, 3-course diner for a reduces price and so much more!

Workshop Collegiate Shag by Tom and Siroon with afterwards a performance of JazzConnection



I Charleston - Nijmegen

JazzOut is going to organise an I Charleston - Nijmegen. How, what and when...not clear yet! But we will let you know. In the meantime, check out this awesome video of I Charleston - London.

Listen to some great swingmusic!

On Spotify, Danny Merkelbag has a lot of playlists with only swingmusic. Everything from amazing fast Swing to really slow Blues. The playlists, which are used in classes, are also on Spotify. Follow Danny Merkelbag on Spotify and you can keep swinging!