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Lindy Hop - Swing - Solo Jazz - Charleston - Blues - Balboa - Boogie Woogie - Shag - Tap 


Some awesome workshops are coming up! 

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July / August - SummerSchool 

In summer everyone wants to dance! So that is why we organise SummerSchool. 
During SummerSchool you can dance for 3 hours on Thursdays. 1 hour of workshop and 2 hours of guided training. 

Open: 19:00
Start workshop: 19:30
Start guided training: 20:30
End: 21:30


In the workshops you will learn different cool things, check out this schedule for a complete overview. 








No partner required



KJ & Megan

No partner required


Improv & Musicality


No partner required


Solo, but relaxed


No partner required


St. Louis Shag 

Sander & Jessica

No partner required

You don't need to register for the workshops, you can just show up and dance with us. This workshop is for all dancers of every school, place or level. 

Guided training

There are 2 rooms available for training. We will set up a lot of trainingstations where you can work on a variety of skills. We have different media and materials available for you. In these trainingsessions you can ask the JazzOut teachers to help you out with whatever dancing-skill you are working on. They are there for you. 
There is also the possibility to book a private with one of the JazzOut teachers. 

Location: Het Danslokaal, Nijmegen
Dates: Check Schedule above
Costs: €5,- Guided Training 
        €8,- Workshop + Guided Training
        (Payment will be handled digitaly after 22/8)

30 August - 1 September - JazzOut SwingFest

All Information about this amazing festival, you can find here

2 & 3 November - Beginner Workshop Weekend  

In 6 hours of class you will learn the basics of Lindy Hop. For this workshop there is no dancing experience needed, This is the perfect workshop for you if you do not have the time to join weekly classes, just want 1 weekend full of dancing or do not want tot wait every week to get better in dancing.

With 3 hours of class on Saturday and 3 hours of class on Sunday this is an high intensity workshop with a lot learning and a lot of fun guaranteed. 

On Saturday we will work on the basic 6-count step and moves. 
On Sunday we'll work on the basic 8-count steps and moves + a little bit of Lindy Charleston.  

You can also join this workshop if you already have Lindy Hop experience to learn the other role, to work intensively on your basics or as a refresher. In some cases it is possible to just join 1 part of the workshop. 

  • If you already did a Beginner workshop of at least 3 hours with 6-count basics and moves, you can choose to participate on only the Sunday
  • If you already did a Beginner workshop of at least 3 hours with 8-count basics and moves, you can choose to participate on only the Saturday
  • If you already danced Boogie Woogie, yoy can choose to participate on only the Sunday. 


After this weekend you (probably) are ready to join the level 2 weekly classes by JazzOut. 

Location: Het Danslokaal, Nijmegen
Date: 2 & 3 November 
Time: 11:00 - 15:30
Costs: €65,- (for 2 days) / €35,- (for 1 day)

Registrations open on September 5