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7 December - Workshop Collegiate Shag by Ron & Mateja

This workshop will be all about the energetic dance called Collegiate Shag. 

We offer 2 levels. Level 1 is for complete beginners, when you have never danced Shag before, this is your level. Ron and Mateja will teach you the basicsteps and moves and make sure you are able to Shag to whole songs after this 1.5 hour. 
The 2nd level is Beginner+, you already had some classes or workshops Shag, you want to widen your vocabulaire with awesome moves and you want to dive a bit deeper into the technique, then this is your level. 

You can join both workshops for a reduced price. 

In the evening there is an awesome party: the Christmas Swing Special, More info about this social you can find here.

Your teachers: Ron & Mateja
Mateja has been dancing for as long as she can remember. One day, serendipity led her into a bar in Vienna, where she found herself at a Swing dance social. Little did she know that this would change her life. Always having liked the music from the Swing era, she was very excited to find that the authentic dances from that time were still being practiced! She started with Lindy Hop, but soon that was not enough and she quickly added Balboa, and fell in love with Collegiate Shag. Even though mainly dancing as a follower, she sees herself as an equal dancing partner and enjoys to break away, hijack or inspire the other half during a social dance. She enjoys creating new moves, teaching, performing, gets a kick out of competing and loves to go crazy when the music gets fast!

Starting out as a Rock ‘n Roll musician, Ron found himself surrounded by dancers most weekends. He started taking Boogie dance classes in 2011, and was instantly hooked! Very quickly he moved on to Lindy Hop and within a year Collegiate Shag was added. After attending many festivals, workshops and private classes, Ron has been very active in cultivating the Dutch Collegiate Shag scene, teaching weekly classes in Amsterdam and Leiden, and teaching workshops all around the country. Right now, he is one of the faces of Shagadelic, the first Collegiate Shag festival in the Netherlands, which will take place in Rotterdam in January.

Mateja and Ron started dancing together at one of Swing in Utrecht’s HopSpot Band Nights, as they realised they were some of the few Shag dancers there. Since then, they have been finding each other on many dancefloors all around Europe at various Collegiate Shag festivals. They both dance a number of Swing dance styles, which they love mixing through every dance they do. So even their Shag dances become heavily infused with Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa and Solo Jazz. Their workshop will focus mainly on exploring the fun aspects of Collegiate Shag, as well as having clear technique and good partner connection.

Location: Het Danslokaal, Nijmegen
Date: 7 December
Level 1: 14:00 - 15:30
Level 2: 15:45 - 17:15

1 workshop - JazzOut Student:
1 workshop - Non-JazzOut Student: €20,-
2 workshops - Jazz-Out Student: €32,50
2 workshops - Non-JazzOut Student: €35,-

17 December - Workshop Authentic Solo Jazz by Eveline

The first Solo Jazz workshop ever in Den Bosch!
Solo Jazz is a very big part of Swing dances, but also very cool to do without any other Swing dance experience. In this awesome workshop you will learn a routine made by Eveline herself. 
In 1.5 hours you will learn the routine, the vernacular moves which are in the routine and Eveline will tell you a bit about the history of Solo Jazz, 

Eveline fell in love with Solo Jazz a few years ago, she was always used to dance partnered, but wanted to find a way to express herself more in her dancing, Solo Jazz was the perfect way to discover her own movements and enjoy her own dancing more and more. 

Dancing Solo is a great way to explore your dancing space, enhance your body awareness and find more joy in your own dancing. 

This workshop is open level and perfect for you if you are a beginner or if you had a few Solo classes already. 

Location: Babel - Bank van Leening - Schildersstraat 33, Den Bosch
Date: 17 December 
Time: 19:30 - 21:00
Costs: JazzOut Students: €15,- 
     Non JazzOut Students: €17,50

Workshop dates coming up; 
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March 22 - Burlesque (ladies only) - Nijmegen
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