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We want to level our classes as even as possible. When you register, you register for the level you think it is best. JazzOut will plan a level check with you if you are new at JazzOut or when they think that's necessary, JazzOut can place you in another level when they think that level suits you better. 

You register for Lindy Hop 1a, 1a+b, 2 or 3 and/or Solo Jazz. 

Lindy Hop 1 
(In general you join this block once, except when you missed a lot of classes or the basics do not want to settle with you, so you want to practice them again.)

If you are an absolute beginner. You haven't danced any Lindy hop yet or only followed a few tasters. Then this is the level for you.

We split level 1 in 2 parts of 6 classes, In the first 6 classes you will learn the 6-count basic steps and moves. In the second part you will learn the 8-count basic steps and moves. Everyone starts in 1a. 
If you have danced Boogie Woogie, Jive or Rock 'n Roll before it might be possible to start in 1b. Please contact us about this if this is the case. 

Lindy Hop 2
(You will repeat this block several times)

This level is split in a 2a and 2b. JazzOut will put you in the level what fits you best. 

You have done at least one 1 or a few blocks of Lindy Hop. You know the basic steps in 6-count and 8-count. You an keep your bounce, rhythm and steps without having to think about it while doing the Send Out, trade-places and returns. You know different Send Outs, Returns and the basics of making connection and finding the stretch with your partner. You know and can dance the basics of the SwingOut.
You know what we mean when we say: "keep your frame" but you can not always keep your frame yet. You also know what we mean by 'keep on moving,' 'finding the end' and 'search for the stretch.'

You have no problems with finding the 'one,' and hear the breaks in de music. 

You are going to socials and dare to ask someone to dance with you. You also practice your steps and moves outside classes. 

You can dance some solo moves like the Shimmies and the Mess Around. 

Lindy Hop 3

(You will repeat this block several times)

This level is split in a 3a and 3b. JazzOut will put you in the level what fits you best. 

You dance for at least 1.5 years, with weekly classes, no interruptions and lots of socials. You have went to some workshop weekends. You practice your moves outside the classes and you strive to be a better dancer, You can swing and sway around the dance floor with basic moves varied with some more complex moves. The SwingOut and some cool variations are well known to you., but you also know you can always learn the SwingOut in a better way. You are able to connect with your partner, find the stretch with him/her and you an follow/lead a lot of different moves. 

As a follow you keep moving in the direction you have been send without getting 'heavy' and as a lead you are familiar with body-lead and do not use any arm-lead when not necessary. Also as a follow you walk in a straight line and as a lead you make space for your partner. 

You keep your bounce as a rhytm and it is going into the floor. You can hold your frame easily without being too tense or too loose. You can vary in tension during moves. 

You can dance solo moves and are not afraid to do so, for instance the ones from the Shim Sham. 

You dare to show yourself, in your dance group. You dare to show yourself vocally, or making funny moves or by showing the last learned techniques and moves. 

You can handle and appreciate feedback on your dancing skills.  

Solo Jazz Track

Every level of Solo dancer is welcome. We will differentiate in level and teach you cool moves, routines and a lot about body-awareness, posture, frame, bounce en body movement.