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Workshops by JazzOut

Workshop Back to Basics with Danny & Eveline on December 2nd.

In this 2-hour workshop we will really go back to the basics. In particular to posture, connection and transferring information with your partner, 

There will be 2 levels. 
Intermediate: You dance up to 2 years, (depended on how much socials and workshops you have visited)
Advanced: You dance for 2 years or more (dependend on how much socials and workshops you have visited)

In the Intermediate class we will work on a more steady base where you can build on. Knowing moves is cool, but be able to dance without constantly thinking of moves is heaven! 
In the Advanced class we will work on high level skills. The technical side of dancing is being thaugt and practiced. You will be able to dance more fluently, connected and with more fun after this workshop. 

Date: December, 2nd
Intermediate class: 10:00 - 12:00
Advanced class: 12:30 - 14:30
JazzOut-members: €17,50,- 
Non-JazzOut-members: €20,-
Location: Het Danslokaal, Nijmegen

If you join both workshops (if the highest level will fit you) you will get a €5,- discount.  

Registrations are open! 

Workshop Weekend for the Big Apple by Janna on the 9th and 10th of February

Janna is going to teach us the famous Big Apple. At every party you hear the tunes of the song of this routine. From now on you can dance it with us! 

You do not have to know a part of the Big Apple yet. Just join in and learn this awesomness! 

You will get 4 hours of classes on Saturday and 4 hours of classes on Sunday. This is going to be tough, but you can do this!

Date: 9 + 10 february 
Time: 11:00 - 16:00
Costs: €50,- 
Location: Het Danslokaal, Nijmegen

Registrations open on: December 9,